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Hobby House & Storage Hawai'i  Ph: 258-5198

Win-Win Builder, LLC (Win-Win Group) is based in Hawaii, USA.

Hawai'i Multiplefunction Tiny House of Emergency Reserve & Disaster Prevention Center

Insured / Bonded / Licensed

Civil & Hydraulic / Rail Engineering

Design / Build / Construction / Permit

LICENSE NUMBER  A 34558 | AC 34559 | BC 21423 | BC 32530

The Following "C" classes are automatically issued with an "A" License: 3,9,10,17,24,31A,32,35,37A,37B,38,43,49,56,57A,58B,61

Loan for the house owner (Welcome foreigner)

1. We help the land owner borrow the money from the bank (American Saving Bank, Territorial Savings Bank, Guaranteed Rate...etc. with competitive Rate)

2. The Builder takes all the responsibility to construction and getting approvals

3. The land owner sell it or rent it out to get the profit which we called Win-Win.

Competitive Rate:

Guaranteed Rate always has you best interest in mind.

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