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Win-Win Builder, LLC (Win-Win Group) is based in Hawaii, USA.

Hawai'i Multiplefunction Tiny House of Emergency Reserve & Disaster Prevention Center

Insured / Bonded / Licensed

Civil & Hydraulic / Rail Engineering

Design / Build / Construction / Permit

LICENSE NUMBER  A 34558 | AC 34559 | BC 21423 | BC 32530

The Following "C" classes are automatically issued with an "A" License: 3,9,10,17,24,31A,32,35,37A,37B,38,43,49,56,57A,58B,61


It is very easy to finish a house you want. That's as easy as 1, 2, 3, Go!

1. Provide your house design plan and Permit to us (OR we do the design and apply permit from C&C)

2. We build it (Foundation, House, Utility) in a very short time with quality work.

3. Complete, ready to move in

Contact Us : Please call (808)258-5198

For services we specialize in utilizing knowledge and experience from variety of disciplines in order to bring our clients unique solutions to help them achieve their goals. Please contact us to request more information.

Phone             (808)258-5198



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